The Water


The Rhodope Mountains, where our spring is located, is the oldest land in Europe, in the South part of Bulgaria.

Life in these lands dates from 7000 years ago, with stone clusters and solar clocks left by so-called proto-Thrachians.

 The aroma therapy with natural rose oil, which is the main ingredient in our water, is used from centuries to maintain the skin and body health, to preserve youth, for calming and toning.

Rose Oil is the main ingredient in the ancient healing practice Ayurveda (Ayur – Life, Veda – Knowledge). It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, also healing and calming the gallbladder and the nervous system.

It is proven fact that even breathing rose oil increases the hydration of the skin. We recommend drinking at least one 500 ml bottle RoseH2O daily for better results and benefits.


ROSE H2O water

Rose Oil is known for its valuable properties:
- immune modulator,
- antiseptic agent,
- fat burner,
- calming effect,
- anti-aging properties,
- relieve digestion troubles,
- relieve depression or stress
- bronchodilator effect and help with respiratory illness
- hydrate the skin from inside.

Mint H2O water

Some of the most common Mint oil uses include:
- Reduces stomach aches
- Soothe digestive issues
- Freshens bad breath
- Relieves headaches
- Antimicrobial properties
- Improves mental focus
- Clears respiratory tract
- Boosts energy
- Releases tight muscles
- Cost-effective natural solution to replace pharmaceutical drugs


Gold H2O water

Health benefits of Gold:
- Helps restore blood vessels and improves blood circulation
- Anti-aging effect
- Constipation and Indigestion
- Helps Joints and muscles
- Against migraines
- Enhanced moods
- Skin Care
- Rejuvenating properties